petak, 3. veljače 2012.

C# converting pdf to image

This is continue of my post when i was extracting non standard text from pdf.

Bassically i didnt succeded in doing that the way i wanted but i was lucky that all of the pdfs where the same format.

So i came to idea that i transfer pdf to image and then extract the portion of  "text" as image ...bassicaly to crop the image in the rectangle where the text is.

To complete this task i have used ghostscript library

Also good article how to implement this in C# is on CodeProject

With this two i have managed to convert PDF to image. But what format?

Well i have tested with CodeProject application from article and i have found out that the most clearest text i can get is when using TIFF format which is not such a strange thing becuse it is used for printing widely.

So the next step was to read the TIFF into C# application and crop the image.

NOTE: there is also a good library for converting pdf to image named imagemagick which also has wrapper in C#

It has also lot of other capabilities like resizing,cropping etc.
But i didnt used it because after setting up the project for testing with this library and trying how it converts pdf to image i wasnt very satisfied because of the time it needs to convert so i decided to go with ghostscript.

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  1. see

  2. You can convert pdf to image and vice versa by using the following .NET Library.

  3. Thanks for the information. Alternatively ,I got another method from google, share with you guys.

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